Case Studies


The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) required a highly secure yet easily accessible secure access solution for members and frequent visitors to its recently-established polishing house. Following a rigorous trial period, IDE selected FST Biometrics’ IMID Access (In Motion Identification™) solution to provide secure and frictionless access to the new polishing house. FST’s technology shortens the entry process, simplifies the work of the reception staff and facilitates ease of use for all who visit the polishing center.

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ICER Museum

The Dutch-based ICER (Industry, Culture, Education and Recreation) Innovation Center wanted to showcase a highly experiential biometrics-based solution to museum visitors. FST Biometrics proposed a fun, interactive concept keeping with the museum’s technology-focused mission to increase the understanding of the value of innovation to the world. FST’s IMID (In Motion Identification™) facial recognition technology enables […]

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The Granite Club

With over 10,000 members and staff, and sporting a world-class athletic center, five-star dining, meeting facilities and a children’s center, the Granite Club is Canada’s premier family, recreation and athletic club. As such, it required a solution to ensure that only Club members, staff and authorized visitors would be able to access its state-of-the-art facilities. […]

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Knickerbocker Village

A vibrant community of over 6,000 people in lower Manhattan, the Knickerbocker Village complex needed a solution to meet its unique secure access needs. After piloting the IMID Access (In Motion Identification™), Knickerbocker Village Management was very impressed with the technology’s ability to monitor and control the buildings’ entry points, exits, and common spaces. Knickerbocker Village has implemented IMID Access in 24 access points throughout the 12 buildings of the complex. FST Biometrics’ IMID Access is providing seamless access to residents, without interfering with the pace of life.

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The Bais Yaakov School for Girls (BYLA), a private school in LA, wanted an enhanced secure access system that could grant authorized users seamless access without compromising on convenient, hassle-free entry. The school installed FST’s IMID Access solution (In Motion Identification™), which provided seamless, best-in-breed biometric identification, and delivered superior security with unprecedented convenience. The technology and system put in place ensured that approved users would be granted convenient access at the speed of life while denying access to all others.

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Pasadena Apartments

Pasadena Interfaith Manor provides housing to low-income senior citizens and the mobility impaired, aged 18 and above. Needing an access control system that would be user-friendly for all residents, Pasadena installed FST Biometrics’ In Motion Identification™ (IMID) solution. This has given residents and visitors seamless access at the speed of life, and enhanced the facility’s security.

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SingTel, through its Group Digital Life (GDL) division, prides itself as being one of the most advanced technology leaders in the region. GDL selected FST Biometrics to provide seamless access to its employees and visitors. Through FST’s In Motion Identification™ (IMID) technology, employees now enjoy seamless access at the speed of life.

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