Observation biometrics and Privacy: What Have You Got to Hide?

Human beings are complex. Each person has a story, and innumerable aspects and layers that come together to form a personality. As people interact with the world around them, they filter the information that they communicate about themselves to the world, allowing some things to be known, while not revealing other parts of themselves that they consider to be private. I have a friend I’ve known since childhood. I know he likes to run, sail and fish. His favorite band is T[...]

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What Shutterfly and Facebook Can Teach Us About the Golden Rules of Privacy

Recently, private citizens have brought forth two biometric identification lawsuits in the United States. In one of them, a Chicago man filed a $5 million class-action lawsuit against photo-book service Shutterfly for using a tagged image of him (uploaded by a friend) to create an unsolicited account for the man on the site. The main issue is, of course, the question of individual citizens’ privacy. In fact, whenever the topic of biometric identification arises, the priv[...]

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Access Control: How to Get the Optimal User Experience

We’ve all seen the action espionage movies in which organizations’ security is breached –either for good or for evil. Perhaps the criminal was able to crack the passcode with the use of technology, or by shining a blue light to see which keys were pressed most frequently. Or perhaps the good guys were able to obtain the ID card of an unsuspecting employee to gain access to a corporate facility. In the most gruesome cases, [...]

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Well, We’ve secured the Door – Now What

'Security': the first, second and third concern for many companies. Corporations seem to be focusing on letting the right people in, keeping the wrong ones out, and protecting their sensitive material. It all looks very impressive, as do the recent investigations into 'seamless' and 'hassle-free' secure access. Integrated security and access systems are all well and good.  If a door opens upon my approach, greets me by name and wishes me 'good day' (all without me h[...]

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Need a Secure Access Solution? Make Sure You Are Assessing What Really Counts.

You’ve just been handed a budget of $100,000 to revamp your company’s security systems. You’ve assembled an internal Secure Access Improvement Committee to decide on your company’s needs. But, as with most internal committees, you have competing voices shouting over one another, giving conflicting opinions. “We should definitely get an iris scanner. It’s cool and hi-tech! It will make us look cutting edge!” “But, how effective is that really? And will th[...]

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