For Proactive Security, Build an Aquarium

This year there has been a significant increase in global terror. From Nice to Baghdad, Istanbul to Belgium and Tel Aviv, security agencies around the world are fully engaged in trying to prevent the next attack. In my extensive career in the Israel Defense Forces, and in particular within the intelligence community, I was constantly trying to create a "formula", to look for that magic source of information that could help us prevent future attacks. And in that process, I [...]

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Focusing on the Positive

Israel is a lab for the fight against terror around the world. That is a fact. And in my 40 years of serving this country in the IDF, I was at the forefront of many innovations, technologies, inventions and strategies designed to successfully battle terrorists. I spent years in the IDF focused on finding the terrorists. And nowhere was the challenge more clear than when I would visit – as an IDF general – the Erez Crossing, the major pedestrian and cargo terminal at th[...]

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