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ISC West: Be a Pioneer, Then Set the Standard

Early adopters of technology are pioneers. They are willing to take a risk with new technologies and work out the kinks until that technology is ready for mass-market adoption. After all, the first generation of the iPhone is vastly different to the latest model used by millions of consumers around the world.

At this year’s ISC West, FST Biometrics made the shift from being a technology for the early adopters, to being a technology for the mass market. Our early adopters were the pioneers. They were willing to go on a journey with us, to invest with us, to deal with the glitches and the user reenrollments in the system. They did this because they believed in the vision we offered them: the vision of convenient security and identification that does not interfere with the pace of life.

The new product we presented at ISC West this year, IMID Access 4.0, represents the shift to our product’s maturity. And, the maturity we have achieved today allows us to have a solution that meets 95% of the needs of the identification market.

Just as our early adopters were pioneers, so too were we pioneers. We set out to overcome all of the barriers that stood in the way of seamless identification: challenges of fraud and security, of environmental constraints, of user compliance, of biometric aging, of speed and accuracy and ease-of-use with IMID Access 4.0 – and the industry has taken note.

We were proud to accept two awards at ISC West – the SIA’s New Product Showcase Award for best product in the User Identification, Authentication, Credentialing and Management, as well as the Govies Award in the Access Control – Biometrics category.

What we have seen at ISC West, whether in our booth, or in front of the New Product Showcase judges, is that this product is no longer for the early adopters. While we intend to keep being the pioneers in our field, pushing the boundaries of seamless identification, with IMID Access 4.0, we are ready to be the industry standard for identification.


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