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Security News Desk, HydroLife health and rehabilitation centre in Israel adopts FST Biometrics’ visual identification system

May 24, 2017

HydroLife Health and Rehabilitation Center successfully installed FST’s IMID Access system. HydroLife Center CEO Vered Libstein said, “FST’s IMID Access system works reliably and smoothly, and is a great fit for our facility.” Registered users are identified almost instantaneously and given access to the facility as they walk through the turnstile, taking less than two seconds.

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Security Info Watch, Tech Trends: The ADCs of ISC West

May 12, 2017

Security Info Watch’s Ray Coulombe describes tech trends he observed at ISC West 2017. He mentions how FST Biometrics used 5 million video clips to train their analytic engine to rely on behavioral analytics over facial recognition to identify subjects.

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Home Toys, FST Biometrics – A Fusion of Visual Identification Technologies

May 2, 2017

Home Toys interviews Arie Melamed, CMO of FST Biometrics. Melamed provides an overview of FST’s IMID Access with In Motion Identification, and continues to discuss recent advancements in the new IMID Access 4.0 solution. The interview emphasizes new fraud detection algorithms and liveliness detection that keep the system protected from potential fraud.

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Security Magazine, Business Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Biometrics Took Center Stage at ISC West 2017

Apr 11, 2017

Security Magazine’s Claire Meyer describes FST’s technology, focusing on the speed at which users can be enrolled in its biometric-based identity management system. She also mentions the new upgrades of IMID Access 4.0, including the system’s ability to detect and prevent fraud.

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Security Today, It’s Been Fun, Vegas

Apr 7, 2017

Security Today’s Lindsay Page states that the enhancements of FST’s IMID Access 4.0 are second to none, offering amazing fraud prevention capabilities in which the technology can detect if someone is trying to use a picture of an authorized user to gain entry to a secure area. She includes Arie Melamed’s quote that “the customer relationships we’ve developed with our existing visual identification platform have helped us to take our technology to a new level.”

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Find Biometrics, ISC West 2017: Interview with Arie Melamed Yekel, CMO, FST Biometrics [AUDIO]

Apr 6, 2017

Podcast of FindBiometrics’ interview with Arie Melamed Yekel, CMO of FST Biometrics. The conversation begins with an overview of FST’s new visual identification technology, which now features deep learning algorithms and can operate in low lighting environments, then turns to the diverse vertical markets that FST serves, and concludes with a brief overview of FST’s year.

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