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Security News Desk, FST Biometrics’ IMID Access Version 3.6 receives Lenel factory certification under Lenel’s OpenAccess Alliance Program

Jul 26, 2017

FST Biometrics has received Lenel factory certification for its IMID (In Motion Identification(tm)) Access Version 3.6 and is now certified to work with the OnGuard(r) access control systems. Chief marketing officer of FST Biometrics states, “We are delighted to have received Lenel Factory Certification for the latest version of our product.” FST Biometrics’ IMID system will be accessible to more end users wanting an expedient security system.

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Planet Biometrics, FST Biometrics’ IMID Access wins new certification

Jul 25, 2017

Israeli identity solutions firm FST Biometrics has received Lenel factory certification for its IMID Access Version 3.6, allowing them to work with the OnGuard access control systems. “FST Biometrics has completed required factory testing at Lenel to validate the functionality of its interface to OnGuard,” said Zach Roth, OAAP Director of Strategic Alliances, Lenel. FST Biometrics’ IMID Access 3.6 allows users to now walk through access points without having to stop, identifying them quickly and accurately for efficient, secure access.

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FacilitiesNet, Biometric Visual Identification Solution – FST Biometrics – Facility Management Product Release

Jul 17, 2017

FST Biometrics’ IMID Access 4.0 visual identification solution combines biometrics-based technology to identify users accurately and efficiently. Applications for the system include access control, employee time-and-attendance and retail consumer experience. The system is equipped to overcome fraud attempts and users can be identified in-motion under various lighting.

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Security News Desk, Convenient Security Has Always Been Our Goal – Interview with Shahar Belkin

Jul 16, 2017

Security News Desk interviews Shahar Belkin about FST Biometrics’ latest developments after winning the SIA New Product Showcase for its IMID Access 4.0 technology. Belkin discusses the current biometrics market, challenges faced by the industry and the future of biometrics technology. “This win marks the shift of our technology’s market readiness, from being a technology used by early adopters, to one that is ready for mass market adoption,” states Belkin.

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Security Buyer, Fusing Biometric Technologies Promises Stronger, Smarter Solutions

Jun 29, 2017

Major General (Res.) Aharon Zeevi Farkash, founder and president of FST Biometrics discusses the need for biometric fusion in preventative and proactive security with Security Buyer’s Holly Payne. He defines biometric fusion as the combination of facial recognition and body behavior analytics, and states that fusion technology is a resilient method of identification that helps overcome industry challenges such as speed and accuracy to promote more affective, preventative security.

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Security News Desk, HydroLife health and rehabilitation centre in Israel adopts FST Biometrics’ visual identification system

May 24, 2017

HydroLife Health and Rehabilitation Center successfully installed FST’s IMID Access system. HydroLife Center CEO Vered Libstein said, “FST’s IMID Access system works reliably and smoothly, and is a great fit for our facility.” Registered users are identified almost instantaneously and given access to the facility as they walk through the turnstile, taking less than two seconds.

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