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Security Today, It’s Been Fun, Vegas

Apr 7, 2017

Security Today’s Lindsay Page states that the enhancements of FST’s IMID Access 4.0 are second to none, offering amazing fraud prevention capabilities in which the technology can detect if someone is trying to use a picture of an authorized user to gain entry to a secure area. She includes Arie Melamed’s quote that “the customer relationships we’ve developed with our existing visual identification platform have helped us to take our technology to a new level.”

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Security Today, On the Beach Front

Apr 1, 2017

In 2015, FST Biometrics was installed at the Bel-Air Bay Club’s beach facility and successfully integrated with the existing membership management system, offering fast and accurate entry for the members of the iconic Pacific Palisades club. The Bel-Air Bay Club’s 2000 members were happy to enroll in the system, with each registration into IMID Access, taking an average of 10-15 seconds per enrollment.

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Security Today, Honoring Outstanding Government Security Products

Mar 29, 2017

The list of outstanding government security products for 2017 includes FST Biometrics, IMID Access 4.0, having received a Platinum Award under the category Access Control – Biometrics.

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GIT Security, In Motion Identification: Seamless and Secure Access: FST Biometrics Secures Singapore Telecomm

Mar 17, 2017

SingTel’s Director of Digital Experience & Design, Mr. Niek Van Veen, said of FST “We have found in IMID from FST, the solution we were looking for.” SingTel has installed FST Biometrics’ IMID Access (In Motion Identification) solution in the GDL offices at its Singapore headquarters to allow secure and seamless identification to its 600+ employees.

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IFSEC Global, Genetec to deploy facial recognition and behavior analytics with help of FST Biometrics

Mar 16, 2017

Genetec and FST Biometrics have announced a strategic partnership, in which Genetec will deploy FST’s biometric identification as part of its access control software platform. Genetec will integrate FST Biometric’s In Motion Identification technology into its Security Center IP security platform, which is used to manage physical access to facilities.

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ASMag, Even biometrics not perfect, says facial recognition solution provider

Mar 9, 2017

According to new research from Michigan State University, facial recognition accuracy drops if the image is over six years old. FST Biometrics’ CMO, Arie Melamed commented that any single identifier has its limitations. He continued, saying, “FST’s perspective is that ANY technological single identifier, including any biometrics technology on its own, has limitations in the ability to deliver accurate and protected identification. To that end, FST has developed a solution to this in our next software version.” FST demonstrated how its technology overcomes the biometric aging problem at ISC West.

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