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GIT Security, Reviewing Transport Security Expo 2016 at London Olympia

Jan 12, 2017

The 2016 UK Security Expo was the largest ever and included the popular “Crowded Places Demonstrator(CPD)” which featured, among others, FST Biometric’s IMID Access technology. FST Biometric’s ability to increase operational efficiency for organizations’ secure access as well as its already considerable deployment are key points demonstrating the company’s success and potential. In addition, FST Biometrics’ capability to integrate into existing systems and identify users in-motion are touted as significant advantages.

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Here’s the New High Tech Way to Catch a Burglar

Nov 22, 2016 | Bloomberg

FST’s In Motion Identification technology is included in a Bloomberg feature on new high tech ways to stop burglars. Included in the article are technologies such as a UV-detectable mist that adheres to a burglar for weeks, infrared sensing cameras, and RFID chips to protect expensive artwork. However, FST’s technology is labeled “the ultimate high-end, high-tech security system” for its ability to “know who you are better than you do.”

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INTERVIEW: Arie Melamed, CMO, FST Biometrics

Sep 9, 2016 | Find Biometrics

This past year has seen significant growth and development at FST Biometrics, including reaching 1.5 million monthly identifications and appointing Avi Naor to chair FST’s Board of Directors. This interview between Peter O’Neill, President and Founder of FindBiometrics and FST’s CMO, Arie Melamed, covers FST’s recent successes, and describes the growth that the biometrics industry has seen over the past year. Also examined are the advantages of multimodal biometrics, which fuses several identifying characteristics to create various levels of secure access.

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Facial recognition technology may become Jewish institutions’ first line of defense

Jul 20, 2016 | JNS

There has been a rise in anti-Semitic attacks in recent years across the United States and internationally, including the shooting in the Kansas City JCC in 2014. In this article, FST’s technological solution for secure access is proposed as an answer for many Jewish institutions’ security needs. The JCC Association of North America recently endorsed FST as its preferred identity management system due to the system’s ability to allow JCC staffers and members to move freely about facilities while restricting access to unauthorized visitors.

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Amdocs founder Avi Naor appointed chairman of biometric security company’s Board of Directors

Jul 11, 2016 | Geektime

FST Biometrics announced former co-founder and CEO of Amdocs Avi Naor as Chairman of its Board of Directors. Naor is investing $3.1 million of his personal funds into FST Biometrics which foreshadows exponential growth and success for the identity management solutions provider.  The technology company is most critically acclaimed for its IMID™ product, a biometric security tool that combines analytic technology with face recognition, body behavior analytics, and voice verification software.

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FST Biometrics appoints new chairman to lead major growth phase

Jul 6, 2016 | Biometric Update

FST Biometrics announced that Avi Naor, a member of FST’s board of directors, has made an investment in FST Biometrics and has been appointed as chairman of the board, effective immediately.  Naor previously served as CEO and president of Amdocs, which he co-founded, from 1995 until 2002 and led the company’s IPO in 1998 and is credited with building the company into the multi-billion-dollar powerhouse it has become.

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