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No Company Is An Island: Collaborating for Frictionless Identification Solutions

The security industry was buzzing last week in San Antonio, Texas, with two important industry events, Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS) and AMAG Technology Security Engineering Symposium (SES), respectively. Tech partners, A&Es. industry leaders, vendors, integrators and end users came together to learn about the latest innovations and products on offer. The major topic of discussion at both shows was: where is the industry heading? The answer reverberated loudly at both shows: we are moving towards increased collaboration.

After all, no company is an island, and the fact is, in this industry, innovation cannot happen in a vacuum. Technology companies need each other to develop the best, most holistic and most effective products for customers. We saw this clearly at the AMAG show (with whom we just announced a new certification of our IMID Access product), as AMAG has taken to reselling many of its partner’s products to customers.

Many companies and end users are aware that keycards present many limitations as technology continues to progress, and as a result, are looking for ways to move forward to easier and more secure solutions for secure access and identification. RFID card companies are looking at BLE technology and mobile credentialing, and everyone in the industry is talking about developing frictionless solutions. Creating a frictionless solution for identification and secure access purposes (as well as other, newer applications that were discussed) that meets all the needs of such a wide array of customers is extremely difficult.

By combining forces, technology companies are going to be able to push the boundaries of secure access and identification technologies, and move beyond the traditional secure access application. These joint solutions will focus on knowing where people are rather than simply letting them through the door. This means applications will move into the customer service industry, retail environments and crowd management to name just a few.

And, at the heart of these solutions, there will need to be a flawless identification technology. This is where FST comes in. At FST, frictionless, flawless identification has been our raison d’être for years. This is why we have been laser-focused on continuously improving our In Motion Identification technology, which doesn’t require the user to carry any credential, mobile or otherwise, in order to be identified.

We were energized by the innovation and collaboration we saw at these events, we are committed to forming effective partnerships and collaborations within the industry ecosystem, and we are excited to continue working with our current technology partners to create the best solutions for customers. In this industry, the potential is limitless when we work together.


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