IMID Access

In this fast-paced world of nearly unlimited access, providing a secure access solution for facilities, places and information is vital. Yet, many secure access solutions are cumbersome, requiring fingerprints, iris scans, or carrying a card or token. Companies need a solution that is seamless, accurate and able to meet the fast past of life.07

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IMID Access Experience
FST Biometrics offers a secure access solution that is non-invasive, fast and accurate. Utilizing our core software, IMID Access with In Motion Identification™ technology, FST Biometrics provides a seamless secure access experience that is fast and efficient. Authorized users do not have to slow down, sign in or stop. Rather, they are identified in motion, and granted seamless access to buildings and facilities. IMID Access means that there is no slowing down or stopping. As FST Biometrics technology works, the user simply walks through, while unauthorized users are barred access.
Key Features
FST Biometrics’ IMID Access is our core secure access solution. Key Features Include:
  • In-Motion Identification™ technology – Identifies users at a distance and in motion using a unique fusion of biometric identification technology
  • Software Solution – Easily integrates with many existing security infrastructures in a variety of physical settings
  • Mobile Solution – Provides biometric technology in the hands of security personnel with IMID Access integrated mobile application
  • User-Friendly – IMID Cast allows users to self-enroll in the system, and the enhanced feedback system provides user control over secure access experience
  • Visitor Management System – Provides the same seamless secure access experience for visitors, while maintaining a real time activity log
  • Software Add-ons – Meets the specific secure access needs by customizing our secure access solution

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