IMID Digital Doorman

In our fast-paced, information-rich world, secure access has become crucial. Of course, convenience and freedom of movement are expected as well. In a world where these two conflicting priorities exist, businesses need a secure access solution that is fast, accurate, reliable and easy to install and use.


IMID Digital Doorman Experience
IMID Digital Doorman is an all-in-one secure access solution that provides both the hardware and software needed for one access point's secure access needs. For users, IMID Digital Doorman provides a seamless experience. As an all-in-one secure access solution, IMID Digital Doorman is ideal in many settings, and ensures that only authorized users are granted access. There is no need to slow down, sign in or feel encumbered by key cards or codes. Using our IMID Access software with In Motion Identification™ technology, IMID Digital Doorman identifies authorized users quickly, accurately, and while in motion, providing a seamless secure access experience.
Key Features
IMID Digital Doorman includes:
  • IMID Access software – Uses our unique fusion of biometric identification technologies to identify users at a distance and in motion.
  • IMID Digital Doorman Hardware – Includes all the hardware needed to install our secure access solution including a server, camera, and intercom.

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