IMID Mobile

As much as technology is capable of replacing humans for certain tasks, there are roles that only humans can play, especially when it comes to identification. Our brain can quickly identify people, but our memory is limited in the number of people and the amount of data we can retain. Applications like school security and parking garage access require assistance for the security guard or service personnel who are expected to identify thousands of parents that may want to pick up their child from school, or drivers trying to enter a garage. Furthermore, the security guard needs to know which additional children each adult may pick from school, or which passengers are allowed to enter the garage of an apartment complex with the driver.

Another important application is for hospital physicians, who possess a tremendous amount of medical knowledge, but may lack patient-specific information. IMID Mobile can provide valuable patient prescription, allergy and medical history to an attending physician, helping him/her provide appropriate care.

The bottom line is that as capable as humans are, additional immediate information can help them do their jobs better.15

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IMID Mobile Experience
IMID Mobile is a smart in-motion identification solution for many settings, including schools, daycare centers, assisted living facilities, hospitals and high-security corporate facilities. Using FST's visual identification technology, IMID Mobile accurately identifies a person and efficiently provides supplemental information about the person who was identified, such as: images of the children he is allowed to pick up from school; images of the passengers who are allowed to enter a garage with the driver and medical information relevant to a patient The availability of this info assists the security guards, physicians, and garage attendants when they need it most, offering Identity at the Speed of Life.
Key Features
IMID Mobile is easy to install. Simply download the IMID Mobile app from Android Play, and the device connects with the facility’s IMID server.   Once downloaded, the app accesses the device’s camera and immediately provides valuable information to the user, allowing entry or exit to authorized individuals, while simultaneously halting unauthorized or watch listed people.   IMID Mobile automatically logs all information and provides comprehensive reporting and analytical tools. This enables the creation of attendance reports, visitor records, restricted person entry attempts, and hourly usage and traffic.
  • Runs on standard COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) Android mobile phone
  • Can present variety of information relevant to specific use case (e.g., photos of passengers allowed to join identified driver when he enters garage, in the residential use case, and information on prescription and allergy history of recognized patient when used by doctor at hospital)
  • Can be connected to other IMID Access devices and be part of large-scale IMID Access deployment (doors monitored by IMID Access and garage by IMID Mobile)

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