IMID Rapid

The Challenge

Identification and the need to control access to a specific area is usually permanent and ongoing. However, in some cases, the need to control access to a location is a short-term issue. For police departments, military units and other security teams, providing top-level, temporary security for a variety of locations is a necessity and at the same time, has significant challenges, including portability, ease-of-use, accuracy and ruggedness. These organizations need a smart, portable solution to support identification needs in any situation and at any time.

Solution: Visual Identification
For short-term, ultra-fast deployment of In Motion Identification, IMID Rapid – Identification and Secure Access in a Suitcase – is the answer. A rugged and portable In Motion Identification system, IMID Rapid is the method for security personnel to implement FST’s proven fusion of visual identification technologies for short-term deployment, providing seamless, non-invasive and accurate identification wherever it is needed. From police departments to military units and other security teams, IMID Rapid is the choice for first responders at remote sites, who must quickly set up identification entry points to ensure a protected perimeter. For police, IMID Rapid can be the difference in preserving a sterile and isolated crime scene, by allowing only authorized personnel to be on-site. For high-ranking government officials or any highly-protected VIP, IMID Rapid can be deployed to secure appearances in public spaces, such as press conferences and other closed ceremonies. IMID Rapid provides quick identification of authorized personnel to ensure only those with the proper credentials gain access to such events.
FST Biometrics’ IMID Rapid is FST’s ruggedized, short-term in-motion identification solution. IMID Rapid is a full IMID Access system in a suitcase – ready for fast deployment. Simply open the suitcase, construct the camera-tower and plug in the power cord.
  • Ultra-fast setup and tear-down
  • Logs all information and provides comprehensive reporting and analytical tools
  • Creates attendance reports, visitor records, restricted person entry attempts, and hourly usage and traffic
  • Weight - 44 pounds
  • Dimension - 31.3" x 20.4 " x 12.2"

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