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Reflection and Vision After Frost & Sullivan Award Win

Last week, I, along with my colleagues, Major General (res.) Aharon Zeevi Farkash, (President) Gary Drutin (CEO), Avi Naor (Board Chairman), and Ofir Friedman (VP of R&D), had the honor of attending Frost & Sullivan’s Awards Dinner in Paris to accept Frost & Sullivan’s Visionary Award for “leading the Market in biometrics-based In Motion Identification.” The award is presented annually to a “company that demonstrates the understanding to leverage global Mega Trends, integrating a vision into processes to achieve strategic excellence.”

This award offered me the opportunity to reflect on why I joined FST Biometrics 3 years ago. The team at FST Biometrics are professionals dedicated to making the most accurate and quick biometric secure access solution, one that Frost & Sullivan has deemed a “game-changing” technology that is easy to implement, scalable and can be integrated into existing physical systems with minimal additional investment. This is what makes our system the most secure and efficient non-invasive biometric identification solution available on the market today.

Possibly the most important part of our vision, which Frost & Sullivan recognized by honoring us with this award, is FST Biometrics’ dedication to producing a product that does not interfere with the pace of life. By this token, Frost & Sullivan recognized the significance of a product that is non-invasive, instantaneous for end users but yet still meets the security and identification needs of a variety of business and organizations.

I see Frost & Sullivan’s recognition – together with our ever-growing partnerships around the globe – as confirmation that we’re getting it right. Our mission of making biometrics-based in motion identification the gold standard of identification in the 21st century is becoming a reality. Our system is already in place around the globe, providing security and operational efficiency to facilities in the enterprise, healthcare, pharmaceutical, education, and financial industries, among others.

I’m proud to be part of a company that is making our world more secure, yet more open, and believe that our team will take us to next level to make IMID the standard of biometric identification globally.


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