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White Paper: Maximizing your Gym’s Efficacy
Community Centers

Community Centers serve members, people attending classes, repeat visitors, special event attendees, etc. But hosting such a diverse population places a heavy burden on staff to determine who should gain entry and who should not. Learn more how FST addresses the challenge.

Clubs, Sports and Entertainment

Gyms, stadiums, private clubs and community centres manage many entries a day, club management want to prevent non-members from fraudulently using other members’ ID cards to gain access to facilities. Learn more about FST’s solution.

Sport Arenas Application Note

The speed of life is particularly fast outside a sports stadium, with thousands and thousands of people converging on a single facility within a 20-30 minute period. Find out how FST makes it all work smoothly.

IMID Access Product Note

Read about FST’s flagship product, including the user experience, various key applications of IMID Access and everything you need to know about the product itself.

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