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K – 12 Application Note

Students, educators and staff need a school environment that allows for a positive learning experience in an open and safe environment. Secure access should not impede students and staff from their daily routines and activities. Learn more about how FST Biometrics can provide schools with ultimate security at the speed of life.

Higher Education Application Note

Campus life is about exploring and learning in an open ‘marketplace of ideas’ together with thousands of other students, faculty and staff. Having a safe, secure, and efficiently running campus is a prerequisite to this type of learning. Find out more about how FST Biometrics enables the on-campus experience at the speed of life.

ICER Museum

The Dutch-based ICER (Industry, Culture, Education and Recreation) Innovation Center wanted to showcase a highly experiential biometrics-based solution to museum visitors. FST Biometrics proposed a fun, interactive concept keeping with the museum’s technology-focused mission to increase the understanding of the value of innovation to the world. FST’s IMID (In Motion Identification™) facial recognition technology enables visitors to gain personalized information about museum exhibits as they pass through multiple interactive checkpoints.

How to use IMID Mobile

Exciting video that explains how to use FST’s state of the art mobile identification application

The Bais Yaakov School for Girls Case Study

Read how a private elementary school in Los Angeles has implemented an FST Biometrics solution to keep its students, staff and approved visitors safe with unprecedented convenience.

IMID Digital Doorman Product Note

Read about FST’s end-to-end secure access solution. Find out how easy it is to implement, how it works, and key applications.

IMID Access Product Note

Read about FST’s flagship product, including the user experience, various key applications of IMID Access and everything you need to know about the product itself.

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