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The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) required a highly secure yet easily accessible secure access solution for members and frequent visitors to its recently-established polishing house. Following a rigorous trial period, IDE selected FST Biometrics’ IMID Access (In Motion Identification™) solution to provide secure and frictionless access to the new polishing house. FST’s technology shortens the entry process, simplifies the work of the reception staff and facilitates ease of use for all who visit the polishing center.

Financial Institutions Application Note

Banks and other financial institutions must walk a fine line, providing a comfortable, friendly environment for customers, while also guaranteeing the ultimate in security. An impossible task? Not with an FST Biometrics solution.

IMID Access Product Note

Read about FST’s flagship product, including the user experience, various key applications of IMID Access and everything you need to know about the product itself.

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