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Pasadena Interfaith Manor Apartments Case Study

Seniors and technology generally don’t mix. But Pasadena Interfaith Manor Apartments implemented FST’s cutting edge technology and its residents have never been safer without sacrificing their convenience.

Knickerbocker Village Case Study

Twelve buildings with more than 6,000 residents. Sounds like a significant secure access challenge. Read how FST helped design a solution that provides the ultimate security to Knickerbocker Village residents and staff.

Affordable Living Application Note

Secure access is vitally important to both facility managers and owners, and residents. And HUD compliance for subsidies is crucial as well. How can it all be managed? FST has the answer.

IMID Digital Doorman Product Note

Read about FST’s end-to-end secure access solution. Find out how easy it is to implement, how it works, and key applications.

IMID Access Product Note

Read about FST’s flagship product, including the user experience, various key applications of IMID Access and everything you need to know about the product itself.

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