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White Paper: Maximizing your Gym’s Efficacy
K – 12 Application Note

Students, educators and staff need a school environment that allows for a positive learning experience in an open and safe environment. Secure access should not impede students and staff from their daily routines and activities. Learn more about how FST Biometrics can provide schools with ultimate security at the speed of life.

Higher Education Application Note

Campus life is about exploring and learning in an open ‘marketplace of ideas’ together with thousands of other students, faculty and staff. Having a safe, secure, and efficiently running campus is a prerequisite to this type of learning. Find out more about how FST Biometrics enables the on-campus experience at the speed of life.


The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) required a highly secure yet easily accessible secure access solution for members and frequent visitors to its recently-established polishing house. Following a rigorous trial period, IDE selected FST Biometrics’ IMID Access (In Motion Identification™) solution to provide secure and frictionless access to the new polishing house. FST’s technology shortens the entry process, simplifies the work of the reception staff and facilitates ease of use for all who visit the polishing center.

Community Centers

Community Centers serve members, people attending classes, repeat visitors, special event attendees, etc. But hosting such a diverse population places a heavy burden on staff to determine who should gain entry and who should not. Learn more how FST addresses the challenge.

Clubs, Sports and Entertainment

Gyms, stadiums, private clubs and community centres manage many entries a day, club management want to prevent non-members from fraudulently using other members’ ID cards to gain access to facilities. Learn more about FST’s solution.

ICER Museum

The Dutch-based ICER (Industry, Culture, Education and Recreation) Innovation Center wanted to showcase a highly experiential biometrics-based solution to museum visitors. FST Biometrics proposed a fun, interactive concept keeping with the museum’s technology-focused mission to increase the understanding of the value of innovation to the world. FST’s IMID (In Motion Identification™) facial recognition technology enables visitors to gain personalized information about museum exhibits as they pass through multiple interactive checkpoints.

How to use IMID Mobile

Exciting video that explains how to use FST’s state of the art mobile identification application

Healthcare Facilities – Application Note

Healthcare facilities are often a chaotic environment. Find out how FST Biometrics delivers secured hand-free access to restricted areas to staff and patients at the speed of life.

The Bais Yaakov School for Girls Case Study

Read how a private elementary school in Los Angeles has implemented an FST Biometrics solution to keep its students, staff and approved visitors safe with unprecedented convenience.

Airports Application Note

Airports need an access system that does not slow down the fast pace needed to keep things going. But restricted areas, large numbers of people and multiple entrances make things challenging.

Pasadena Interfaith Manor Apartments Case Study

Seniors and technology generally don’t mix. But Pasadena Interfaith Manor Apartments implemented FST’s cutting edge technology and its residents have never been safer without sacrificing their convenience.

Knickerbocker Village Case Study

Twelve buildings with more than 6,000 residents. Sounds like a significant secure access challenge. Read how FST helped design a solution that provides the ultimate security to Knickerbocker Village residents and staff.

Affordable Living Application Note

Secure access is vitally important to both facility managers and owners, and residents. And HUD compliance for subsidies is crucial as well. How can it all be managed? FST has the answer.

Sport Arenas Application Note

The speed of life is particularly fast outside a sports stadium, with thousands and thousands of people converging on a single facility within a 20-30 minute period. Find out how FST makes it all work smoothly.

Financial Institutions Application Note

Banks and other financial institutions must walk a fine line, providing a comfortable, friendly environment for customers, while also guaranteeing the ultimate in security. An impossible task? Not with an FST Biometrics solution.

Retail Industry Application Note

Retailers need secure access that is non-invasive, quick and accurate, and offers a seamless user experience. Find out how FST’s solutions offer an ideal solution.

SingTel Case Study

SingTel, a leading Asian communications provider, has successfully implemented a secure access solution from FST Biometrics at its corporate headquarters. This case study examines what SingTel’s challenge was, and how FST has helped to solve it.

Corporate Application Note

The constant flow of people in and out of a corporate facility means secure access is crucial. Read how FST can help companies of all sizes ensure ultimate security at the speed of life.

IMID Digital Doorman Product Note

Read about FST’s end-to-end secure access solution. Find out how easy it is to implement, how it works, and key applications.

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