The Bais Yaakov School for Girls (BYLA), a private school in LA, wanted an enhanced secure access system that could grant authorized users seamless access without compromising on convenient, hassle-free entry. The school installed FST’s IMID Access solution (In Motion Identification™), which provided seamless, best-in-breed biometric identification, and delivered superior security with unprecedented convenience. The technology and system put in place ensured that approved users would be granted convenient access at the speed of life while denying access to all others.

BYLA needed a secure access solution that would provide protection without compromising on convenience. With 300 students, eight access points and the need for a highly sophisticated secure access system to protect BYLA’s students teachers, and school staff from intruders and violence, the school’s previous security methods were no longer effective.


Adam Cohen, the Facilities Manager for BYLA, needed to toughen the school’s security, so he chose to install FST’s IMID Access solution. FST’s IMID Access with In Motion Identification provided the seamless secure access control system the school needed.

FST’s IMID Access solution with In Motion Identification™ employs quick and highly secure identification. Using a fusion of biometric identification technologies, registered users are identified at the door and granted seamless access to school facilities. Students and teachers no longer need keys, cards or access codes. The system can verify individuals and make an informed decision whether to allow entrance to school facilities.

IMID Access has proved invaluable to BYLA’s security and operations. With the ability to program specific parameters for staff and students, the administrative and security staff have a strong handle on the activities in BYLA. From the ability to monitor students’ arrivals and exits, to giving the school receptionist visibility of all access points, the staff and students at BYLA adapted quickly and easily to the IMID Access solution.

“FST’s solution gives us the ability to customize our secure access experience. IMID Access is a good and solid system. It’s always alert and active, creating a secure feeling for the students and the staff. It’s a very precise system. It works very well and is upgradeable. And, FST Biometrics is great about giving us the support and solutions to meet our needs.” -Adam Cohen, Facilities Manager, Bais Yaakov School for Girls

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