HydroLife Center

The HydroLife Center in Shaar HaNegev is a large health and wellness center in southern Israel, with more than 2,000 visitors per day.  The center has a diverse client-base that includes local college students, youth, the elderly, individuals with disabilities and others.  As such, in addition to the 1,500 registered members, several hundred parents, support staff, chaperones, non-member visitors, and non-member individuals who have paid for specific services enter the facility daily, making member identification a challenge.

To facilitate member check-in and visitor entry, and to save staff time, FST Biometrics was brought in to implement the company’s visual identification solution. A key advantage of FST’s system is its ability to integrate with the Center’s cloud-based membership database system.

FST’s In Motion Identification (IMID) Access system, which uses visual identification technology for fast and accurate identification, was installed at the entrance to the Center and incorporated into the existing turnstiles to facilitate member check-in and frequent visitors’ entry. FST’s IMID Access works seamlessly with The HydroLife Center’s membership management software. Upon entry, a member’s/visitor’s biometric profile is matched with his/her user profile, whereupon s/he is admitted or denied entry based on the information in the database. Additionally, the front desk attendant can see each user’s profile as s/he enters the facility, enabling the attendant to stop a user if the need arises.

“Our staff can focus on the needs of our members instead of checking them in, and everyone feels safe and secure knowing that only individuals with authorization can access the facility.” – Vered Libstein, CEO of the HydoLife Center

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