The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) is the largest of the 30 diamond exchanges around the world. With millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds entering and exiting the IDE on a daily basis, security and identification are of paramount importance. The new polishing house offers a complementary service to IDE members. Located independently of the main IDE campus, the facility hosts a staff of 100 in addition to hundreds of frequent visitors entering and exiting daily. This site needed to be highly secure, yet easily accessible to IDE members and visitors.

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FST Biometrics’ IMID Access solution was selected to provide secure and frictionless access at the IDE polishing house. Deployed at the polishing house’s entrance, all personnel were enrolled in one day and are now able to enter the center in motion. The visitors are divided into two categories: frequent visitors and one-timers. The first time a frequent visitor enters the polishing center, s/he is identified and enrolled. On each subsequent visit, following a determination that the person is authorized to visit, s/he is able to enter. The one timer’s access is monitored via the system too, while keeping records of their visit.

The IMID Access solution was implemented quickly and efficiently. In the face of a high-traffic area, the FST Biometrics solution has shortened the entry process and simplified the work of the reception staff. Now, the operators of the system are part of the professional staff of the polishing house and there is no need to assign dedicated resources to operate the system.

“Because the Israel Diamond Exchange serves as a trading area for so many diamonds, security has to be as serious as possible. We examined various cutting-edge secure access technologies, and did serious testing. We even ran a pilot in April 2014 at International Diamond Week, a large conference hosted by the IDE. We were able to experience for ourselves that FST’s IMID Access is the best available on the market.”

– Israel Vantsovski, Director of Security for the Israel Diamond Exchange

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