Knickerbocker Village

A vibrant community of over 6,000 people in lower Manhattan, the Knickerbocker Village complex needed a solution to meet its unique secure access needs. After piloting the IMID Access (In Motion Identification™), Knickerbocker Village Management was very impressed with the technology’s ability to monitor and control the buildings’ entry points, exits, and common spaces. Knickerbocker Village has implemented IMID Access in 24 access points throughout the 12 buildings of the complex. FST Biometrics’ IMID Access is providing seamless access to residents, without interfering with the pace of life.

In an urban setting like Manhattan, there are thousands of people trying to enter Knickerbocker Village on a daily basis –both authorized and unauthorized. The complex needed an access control system that could monitor this 24/7 and allow facility management to control, track entry and keep a log of all who came through its doors, while still providing a seamless user experience to residents and their guests.

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FST’s In Motion Identification™ capabilities manage and control 24 entry points in 12 buildings throughout the complex. Combining ultimate security with a seamless access experience, IMID Access represents a best-in-breed fusion of cutting-edge technologies, including Facial Recognition and Behaviour Analysis. Because it can quickly identify anyone who is walking to the door, IMID Access can make an informed decision whether to allow entry, verify guests or transfer them to a monitoring station representative for assistance. There’s no need for a key, card or access code. Residents and all authorized users are given seamless access at the speed of life.

Knickerbocker Village Management is very pleased with how the In Motion Identification™ solution is meeting the complex’s needs. Its advanced and reliable solutions are surpassing the facility manager’s expectations. Knickerbocker Village Management will continue to utilize FST’s secure access solution, and has plans for expanding its implementation in the complex.

“Without question, this was the way to go. I am thrilled with the level of security and tracking it is providing to us here at Knickerbocker Village. FST Biometrics’ seamless technology is probably the most exciting that I’ve ever come into contact with. This is where access is going. This is the future. We’re very excited to be on the ground floor. This is the cart to hitch your horse to and we want to go forward and grow with FST Biometrics like we never have before with any other product out there. ”

– Vincent Callagy, Property Manager, Knickerbocker Village

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