Pasadena Apartments

Pasadena Interfaith Manor provides housing to low-income senior citizens and the mobility impaired, aged 18 and above. Needing an access control system that would be user-friendly for all residents, Pasadena installed FST Biometrics’ In Motion Identification™ (IMID) solution. This has given residents and visitors seamless access at the speed of life, and enhanced the facility’s security.

Pasadena Interfaith Manor needed an access control system that was user-friendly to its senior residents, many of whom face a variety of physical challenges, without compromising the facility’s security. In addition, Pasadena required a system that would allow visitors the same ease-of-access as that enjoyed by residents. It was also important that the system be accessible to the many Spanish-only residents.


As Pasadena has two buildings connected by a common area, IMID Access with In Motion Identification™ was installed at both entrances. It provides residents with video security monitoring, and access to a live person at ion247, who can assist with access when needed. IMID incorporates a multi-language feature, ensuring that all residents and visitors can understand the system’s prompts.

IMID Access has been well-received by residents and visitors alike. Residents enjoy easy access to the buildings without having to worry about locating key fobs or access cards. They need only look into the camera to be recognized and admitted.

I’m very pleased and impressed with the IMID system and would recommend it to any property, not just senior facilities. Residents have adapted quickly and love the fact that access is hands-free. I also get a ton of compliments from vendors, family visitors and new prospects. They’re amazed at how the system works.

-Mike Garcia, Community Manager, Pasadena Interfaith Manor

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