SingTel, through its Group Digital Life (GDL) division, prides itself as being one of the most advanced technology leaders in the region. GDL selected FST Biometrics to provide seamless access to its employees and visitors. Through FST’s In Motion Identification™ (IMID) technology, employees now enjoy seamless access at the speed of life.

SingTel wanted to update its access control, replacing key cards and code panels with a system which would provide secure access to its GDL division, along with user-friendly, seamless entry for its employees and authorized visitors. Additionally, SingTel wanted a system that could be integrated with its existing visitor management software to include QR code capabilities.


FST’s IMID Access with In Motion Identification™ now manages and monitors all entry points to GDL’s offices. Combining facial recognition and behavioral analytics, the system accurately identifies authorized individuals in-motion, granting seamless access.

FST also helped create an integration system, allowing visitors to register by scanning their name cards into a kiosk station. Visitors are then sent a unique QR code, granting seamless access to GDL’s offices.

GDL’s staff was impressed by the speed and ease in which FST was able to install the IMID Access system. Enrollment for employees was quick and easy, and users have adapted quickly to the system, experiencing seamless access at the speed of life.

“We have found in IMID from FST the solution we were looking for. A highly secured way to enter that is also convenient and seamless. The project execution was flawless and extremely professional. We are getting a very positive reaction from users and management. People have got completely used to the system already.”

-Niek Van Veen, Director or Digital Experience & Design, SingTel

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