The Granite Club

With over 10,000 members and staff, and sporting a world-class athletic center, five-star dining, meeting facilities and a children’s center, the Granite Club is Canada’s premier family, recreation and athletic club. As such, it required a solution to ensure that only Club members, staff and authorized visitors would be able to access its state-of-the-art facilities. Seeking the ultimate level of security to ensure the safety of Club members and their children, the Granite Club selected FST Biometrics’ IMID Access with In Motion Identification™ to provide a non-invasive secure access solution without impeding the movements of Club members and staff. FST Biometrics’ IMID Access is providing seamless access to authorized users, without interfering with the pace of life.


Known throughout Canada for providing the highest level of member-focused service, The Granite Club needed a solution that would guarantee secure access to its facilities, without requiring intrusive security measures which may detract from the enjoyable Club atmosphere. With a high focus on health and hygiene, The Granite Club was looking for a touch-free solution that would not require users to swipe a card, carry a fob or punch in a code.

FST’s In Motion Identification™ was installed in various access points throughout the Club, allowing members and staff to freely access restricted areas of the facility. Combining ultimate security with a seamless access experience, the touch-free nature of IMID Access provides a frictionless experience for users while remaining compatible with the Club’s hygiene expectations. IMID Access has also been deployed in the children’s center, supplying the highest level of security and protection for members’ children. FST Biometrics provided orientation to The Granite Club reception and security staff, explaining the new system and simplifying the enrollment process.

The elegant and non-invasive installation has provided the highest level of secure access, without effecting the movement of club members and staff. Both Club members and staff have embraced FST’s IMID Access solution with In Motion Identification™, which has enabled selected areas of the facility to remain secured, without influencing the pace of club life.

Following a comprehensive process, we selected FST’s IMID Access system because it has the perfect combination of sophistication and convenience for our members and staff, in addition to unparalleled security. We wanted a solution that provided secure access and comprehensive usage data, without creating any obstacles for our busy Club members, whose time is truly a precious commodity.

– James DiRenzo, Chief Operating Officer, The Granite Club

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