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Thoughts from CANASA 2016

Not only are various sectors of the security industry affected by the winds of change globally, but the industry is also impacted by regional approaches to security. What holds true in certain regions could be vastly different from the needs of other locales.

Earlier this month, we participated in the CANASA Security Canada Expo in Toronto, Canada, and experienced this firsthand. After meeting with some of the show’s attendees over the course of the conference, we learned a lot more about how trends in the Canadian security industry have shifted to a focus on how companies can work together to produce the best security solutions possible.
Manufacturers, A&Es and vendors from within the industry were the main visitors to the CANASA show, looking for the best security solutions to offer their customers.

Companies like FST Biometrics exhibit at events like CANASA not only to show our offers to the market but also to show the integration possibilities via our partners and others. This helps suppliers and A&Es offer and craft tailor-made solutions for their customers.

Nearing the end of 2016, it is not surprising that the demand for the most innovative and cutting edge security technology would be emphasized at a show like CANASA. What is evident from the supply-side centric attendance at the show is the need for those in the security industry to work together through integrations and partnerships to provide the most effective security solutions to the market.

The state of the world today is about constant improvement and breaking the status quo. This has always been part of our motivation as we continue to develop and improve our IMID Access software, which serves as the identification component of many secure access systems. After our trip to CANASA, this rings truer than ever.

CANASA 2016 showed us that there is no one single solution to provide ultimate security, but rather integrations and partnerships between security solution companies are key to success and are more important now than ever. While this trend was noted at the CANASA 2016 event, it also happens to be taking hold globally.

We are excited by the new trends we saw at this year’s CANASA, and through our many technology partners (many of whom were also at the show), we look forward to offering the best solutions that meet the needs of the Canadian security market.


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