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Gyms, stadiums, private clubs and community centers manage many entries a day by members, visitors and tickets holders. The management of each of these facilities must ensure that unwanted people are kept out to ensure safe and efficient operations. Furthermore, club management want to prevent non-members from fraudulently using other members’ ID cards to gain access to facilities. This incurs both a loss of potential revenues to the club, and also the risk of having an unwanted guest gain access.

Requiring every club member or seasonal ticket holder to endure a lengthy security check is a cumbersome process with unnecessary friction and delay.

Furthermore, authorized employees of stadiums, community centers and clubs should not be slowed down by having to swipe an ID card each time they enter a staff-only area, especially since ID cards are easily lost, stolen, and falsely used by those unauthorized for access. These facilities need a secure access solution that provides a seamless user experience and engenders a sense of community and belonging, while stadium and club staff need a frictionless solution that allows them to move swiftly and smoothly through restricted areas.


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IMID Access Technology
FST Biometrics’ IMID Access with In Motion Identification™ offers a secure access solution that is non-invasive, fast and efficient. Using biometric identification technology, authorized users are recognized at a distance and in motion, and granted seamless access to stadiums, community centers, clubs and more. IMID Access eliminates the need for time-consuming security checks for fans holding seasonal tickets and club members, and removes the need for staff to slow down to swipe a key card each time they need to access an employee-only area. Rather, stadium-goers, club members and staff are identified by FST's unique breed of biometric identification technologies at a distance and in motion, and granted seamless access.
Key Benefits
For Club & Community Center Management
  • Ensures that facilities are used only by members or by those registered for specific activities or events
  • Provides a high level convenient security for members and staff, fostering a sense of community
For Club & Community Center Members
  • Club members are granted seamless access without the need to present ID
  • Non-members are restricted from access, maintaining the safety and security of facilities for members
  • Touchless system ensure hygiene in sports/gym facilities
For Staff:
  • Seamless access to restricted areas within stadiums, community centers and clubs
  • Receive notification when a VIP enters, and provide appropriate service
  • No need to carry an ID-card; no risk of lost or stolen IDs
For Stadium Attendees:
  • VIPs and Season Ticket holders granted seamless access to seats
  • One-time ticket holders screened to avoid hooligan entries

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