Construction Sites

Construction sites are bustling areas of activity with many employees, sub-contractors, suppliers and visitors entering and exiting every day. In addition, many construction companies manage multiple sites, with employees who require seamless identification and ongoing access to several of them.Construction companies require an identification solution that allows for the safe and efficient movement of workers, sub-contractors, suppliers and authorized visitors. Further, managers need an effective solution for limiting fraudulent activity of personnel. In addition, an identification solution should provide time-and-attendance capabilities, even for those employees visiting more than one site each week.

FST Biometrics' IMID software provides construction sites with an identification solution that is fast, accurate and non-invasive. Using a unique fusion of visual identification technologies, including facial recognition and behavior analytics, IMID identifies construction site employees, sub-contractors, suppliers and site visitors as they walk naturally toward the access point. Authorized users are identified at a distance and in-motion, and are granted seamless and hands-free access to construction sites. In addition, users can be given identification and access privileges for specific times, which is helpful to ensure that suppliers or subcontractors enter only when they are authorized to do so.
Key Benefits
FST Biometrics’ In Motion Identification solution offers several key benefits:  
  • Swift, in-motion, hands-free identification of authorized construction workers, sub-contractors and suppliers
  • Controls access to secure and hazardous areas
  • More efficient management of employees, including accurate time and attendance reporting
  • Guarantees physical presence of authorized personnel, preventing card swapping among authorized personnel
  • Ensures site access is restricted to certified personnel with appropriate safety training
  • Locates and accounts for employees during emergencies
  • Reduces potential loss/theft of equipment
  • Manages visitors efficiently

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