With thousands of people coming and going daily, companies need to make sure their assets are protected. Yet, employees should not feel encumbered by lengthy security checks each time they enter a company facility. Companies need a secure access solution that is frictionless yet creating an “open campus” environment for their employees, and able to meet the fast pace of corporate life.

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IMID Access Solution
FST Biometrics’ IMID Access with In Motion Identification™ offers a secure access solution that is non-invasive, fast and efficient. Using our biometric identification technology, authorized users are recognized at a distance and in motion, and granted seamless access to corporate facilities. IMID Access eliminates the need for key-cards, codes or other time-consuming security checks, ensuring a seamless secure access experience for authorized users in corporate facilities worldwide. Corporations can rest assured that their assets are secure, while employees can enjoy an “open campus” feel in the workplace.
Key Features
FST Biometrics’ secure access solution for corporations includes:
  • IMID Access software with In Motion Identification™ - Uses our unique fusion of biometric identification technology, authorized users are identified at a distance and in motion.
  • “Open-Campus” Feel – Ensure that employees at multi-national corporations are given the same seamless secure access experience at any company facility around the world.
  • Visitor Management System – Enables visitors to enjoy an employee-like secure access experience, while keeping a log of all activity.

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