Educational Institutions

Educational institutions should be safe havens of learning for students, educators and facility staff. Unfortunately, in recent years, many educational institutions have become targets of violence, and must still contend with the usual security concerns that schools face. Schools need an identification solution that protects students and staff from hostile persons, and that can help the facility operate safely and securely while maintaining an open, community.

IMID Access Solution
Elementary Education
When parents send their young children to school each day, they expect them to be kept safe. FST’s IMID Access visual identification technology keeps children secure, helping staff manage high traffic times such as drop-off and pick-up by assuring that only approved adults can pick up certain children after school – whether for playdates, or in the case of custody issues between divorced parents.
Secondary Education
High schools and middle schools support a large student body where each student and staff member has a different class and extracurricular schedule. This means frequent entries and exits from school facilities  throughout the day. IMID Access identifies students, teachers and other school staff in-motion to allow them seamless secure access and helps manage attendance, late entries and absences to school without needing to carry other forms of identification.
Universities have unique identification challenges as they balance the security needs of students and faculty with the desire to keep campuses open and free.Using FST’s visual identification technology, IMID Access helps control access to a wide variety of campus facilities, identifying those authorized and preventing entry to unidentified individuals. The identification and access needs of different campus facilities including sport arenas, libraries, lecture halls, dorms, research labs and dining halls are considered. IMID Access, identifies and grants access to students, staff, and faculty, adjusting based on who is permitted access during certain hours of the day and certain days of the week. IMID Access allows for the large number of people on campus to seamlessly move between buildings without slowing down the pace of life on campus.
Key Benefits
  • IMID provides a non-invasive, accurate and smooth visual identification to create a safe and secure learning environment for students and teachers.
  • IMID is easily customizable for students, teachers and custodial staff, based on hours of operation, extra curricular activities and to monitor attendance and record tardiness
  • Using facial identification and behavior analytics, the system can identify multiple users simultaneously, allowing group entry into a building, class or dormitory, to all who are authorized, while barring unauthorized users.
  • IMID Access supplies an added benefit to educational institutions by ensuring that only enrolled students are using their credentials for access to school facilities, and by preventing students from sub-leasing their dormitories to non-students.

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