Financial Institutions

As anchor institutions in any community, banks aim to provide a neighborhood feel to customers. To do this, banks must provide customers with a high level of service and particularly individualized attention to VIP clientele, no matter which branch of the bank the client is visiting. Additionally, banks need to protect their sensitive and restricted areas such as the deposit rooms or their data centers. Therefore, banks need an identification solution that can help employees provide the highest quality of service to clients, while simultaneously providing a high level of security within the bank, in restricted areas, and in ATM rooms after bank hours.

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IMID Access Technology
FST Biometrics’ IMID Access with In Motion Identification™ is non-invasive, fast and efficient. Using our unique fusion of visual identification technologies, authorized users are recognized at a distance and in-motion, and granted seamless access to banking facilities. Bank managers receive notifications when VIP clients enter a branch, regardless of the location, so that the client can receive personalized attention. For restricted areas and safe rooms, IMID Access allows those with security clearance seamless access, while preventing those without the proper credentials from entering.
Key Benefits
  • VIP customers receive individualized attention as bank managers receive notification upon their entry
  • ATM rooms have an additional layer of security as system will deny access to those trying to obstruct their faces when entering
  • Entry to restricted areas like deposit rooms can be protected by special security rules such as simultaneous entry of authorized client together with an authorized employee

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