Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies often hold many keys to protecting our future. From upcoming medical breakthroughs already on the market to scientific discoveries that will serve as the basis for future treatment innovations, these companies possess truly sensitive and vitally important assets. In addition, a pharmaceutical company’s laboratory environments are highly sensitive, and require pristine conditions for controlled tests and clinical trials. Any single foreign element introduced into the lab may result in contamination for an entire initiative. For these crucial reasons, as well as for the protection of employees, financial assets and potential site hijacking/shutdown, pharmaceutical companies must utilize a secure access system that is hands-free, robust and reliable.


IMID Access Technology
FST’s IMID Access provides pharmas with a hands-free in-motion identification solution that is non-invasive, quick, and accurate, enabling a seamless user experience. With this technology, pharmas can better manage who enters and exits their facilities, as well as who may access specific areas with sensitive data. While the identification requirements are significant and complicated, and the stakes high, a pharma’s secure access needs should not slow down the movement and functioning of the company’s operations.
Key Features
  • Employees with the right security clearance are granted seamless access to restricted areas
  • System can be customized to allow different personnel access to locations based on the person’s role
  • Labs can control access of patients and visitors to restricted areas
  • Touch-free system allows staff to enter and maintain the integrity of clean rooms, after being verified going through the proper decontamination procedures

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