Retail Industry

The highly competitive retail industry maintains a fast pace. Retailers must ensure that all of their business operations, employees and services are working optimally. Of particular importance is protecting company assets from employee theft and dishonesty. Further, retailers must provide high service quality to customers to build loyalty. A seamless in-motion identification solution can protect retail assets, build employee accountability and create customer loyalty.

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IMID Access Solution
FST Biometrics’ IMID Access with In Motion Identification™  is non-invasive, fast and efficient. Using our unique fusion of visual identification technologies, authorized users are recognized at a distance and in-motion, and granted seamless access to retail facilities including warehouses, company offices and restricted areas in retail stores, depending on the employees level of clearance. On the customer side, store sales personnel can receive a notification from the system when a VIP customer enters the shop. This allows individualized attention to VIP shoppers based on the shopper’s specific tastes and preferences.
Key Benefits
For Customers:
  • Customers enrolled in stores’ loyalty programs receive individualized attention upon entering a shop
  • Customer can receive the same treatment and experience regardless of shop location as the system recognizes all enrolled users
 For Employers:
  • Protects retail facilities from internal theft
  • Creates system of accountability for employees as the system logs and records all entries and exits
  • HR can use IMID Access to generate time and attendance reports

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