Retail Industry

The ability to gain clear visibility and comprehension of customers’ shopping journeys is absolutely crucial to retailers’ operational efficiency and profitability. Monitoring and thoroughly understanding in-store traffic is equally important for delivery of precisely targeted personalized experience, and can additionally assist in preventing shoplifting and other forms of retail fraud.
A powerful yet non-invasive in-store In-Motion Identification solution is the ideal way to achieve all this.

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IMID Solution
FST Biometrics’ IMID (In-Motion IDentification) solution – a state-of-the-art fusion of visual identification, facial recognition and behavior analytics technologies – essentially enables retailers to recognize shoppers and retail store representatives from afar, even in motion. IMID ultimately transforms video feeds into valuable retail data serving a broad range of applications. These include customer behavior pattern detection and analysis, real-time personalized promotions, secure customer identity-based payments, business intelligence and insight generation, loss and theft prevention, and many more. The IMID Platform delivers both functionality and value seamlessly, keeping customers happy and free to roam stores, and imposing no cumbersome workflow changes on retail employees.
Key Benefits
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and retention – allows retailers to reproduce online shopping-like personalized experience in physical stores, with enhanced loyalty activation and delivery of location-aware promotions and coupons.
  • High, customer behavioral analytics-driven retail efficiency – enables precise customer segmentation, helps align store operations with insights on customer journeys and habits, and delivers full awareness of in-store traffic, hot and cold spots, dwell times, bottlenecks, shopping peak staffing and customer balk rates.
  • Secure and convenient payments – helps prevent fraud with failsafe visual ID-based payments, implemented seamlessly and with complete privacy; rapid, cost-effective cloud-based deployment, and integration with both retailer infrastructure and third-party POS and payment providers.
  • Increased security and loss prevention – identifies known offenders and suspicious activity throughout retail locations and can help reduce losses by detecting unauthorized employee activities.

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